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My favorite can't-live-without camping items

There are some items I simply cannot live without when I go camping, even just for one night. Although my laptop and phone and two of them, I'll keep this list to essential camping-related items, and provide links if you'd like to consider purchasing any! Happy camping!

Sleeping Mattresses

First of all, a great mattress is something my over-50 body needs whenever I go camping overnight. This NeoAir All Season Sleeping Pad by Therm A Rest beauty has delivered time and time again for me, giving me the support my 200 pound 6 foot+ body needs to wake up feeling human. Its thermal layers maintain radiant heat and gives the camper a nice R-value without the immense weight of normal insulation materials. Buy it here!


The Atmos AG 50 Pack (Sku 015250!OSPRE) by Osprey Packs is an awesome product that is ready for any activity no matter if you're backpacking deep woods camping or just going for a hike with your family. This baby is also a Backpacker Magazine Editor's Choice Award Winner, but I like it because its padded shoulders allow for a snug fit that keeps back pain sufferers happy.  Added features like its overly durable materials and a 3D suspension system make it worth the price tag (it's not cheap, but get the best price for this Osprey Pack item here)


Tents and Shelters

Ever go camping and forget your tent? Well, me either, but I still have to add it to my "essentials" list, you'd be pretty unhappy with a crappy tent when you are staying overnight. When camping as a couple, I've found that the so-called two-persons tents are just not big enough, so this 4-person three-season tent by Timberline does the trick for me. Made by Eureka, the Timberline SQ 4XT tent is a compact, lightweight, three-season tent and is ideal for backpacking and camping in wilderness conditions as well as a simple overnight excursion. this tent is unique with its Sequoia A-frame and I've found it to be a stable tent with great ease of entry. Buy the Timberline SQ 4XT Tent here.


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