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Pool Cleaner Inspection Guide

Automatic pool cleaners are the best thing since sliced bread, but without regular maintenance, inexpensive outer parts can wear through, damaging more expensive inner parts. Good pool cleaner maintenance means regular inspection of the pool cleaner, at key locations, to …

A Very Kreepy Family

Did you know, that nearly all Pentair pool cleaners are now made under the Kreepy Krauly name Pentair has brought the Sta-Rite and Letro cleaners under the Kreepy moniker, and added several advanced new cleaners of their own creation, for … C...

Hot Tub Health Benefits

Hot tubs always have been advertised as being beneficial to your health, but do you really know what the health benefits are Let’s take a look at why soaking in a hot tub might help you improve your overall physical … Continue reading

Guy’s Night By The Pool – and the Aftermath

Poker nights are so 1980s. No, actually they’re not. That’s just an excuse for how much the lingering smell of stale cigar smoke ticks off a wife, when she breaks up the whole thing in front of your group of … Continue rea...

Dog Days of Summer: Step Up Your Pool Maintenance

The Dog Days of Summer. The hottest time of the year and the busiest time of the year for pool owners. People you haven’t heard from since last late July come knocking to find sanctuary in the cool waters of …

Bad Pool Chemical Combinations

Welcome back students of pool, take a seat for our lecture today on bad pool chemical combinations. We will start with several water balance scenarios that can result in unfortunate “side-effects’. Then we will turn our attention to a few …

Pool Slides & Diving Boards

For many Americans, the perfect pool accessory is a pool slide or diving board. Find them in our Pool Accessories category, but they are much more than an accessory. Slides and dive equipment add a whole ‘nother dimension of fun … ...