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  • Bolt Hanger Fixe 1 Ss

    Bolt Hanger Fixe 1 Ss
    FIXE BOLT HANGERS: Strong and easy to clip Three small dimples around bolt reduce shifting or spinning Multiple carabiner capacity 4mm stock ...(more)

    $4.95 More Details
  • Resting Fiffi Hook

    Resting Fiffi Hook
    KONG RESTING FIFFI: Different situations require different FiFi lengths. Until recently, climbers often carried two FiFi's tied at varying lengths. The restin...(more)

    $5.21 More Details
  • Hanger Ss w/o Ring

    Hanger Ss w/o Ring
    FIXE HANGER WITHOUT RING: Designed for use in combination with climbing_biners, screwlinks or chain for anchors. DO NOT USE AS A LEAD BOLT. Plated ste...(more)

    $5.25 More Details
  • Rappel Ring - Plated

    Rappel Ring - Plated
    The Rappel Ring from Fixe can be used with conventional sling material or screw links and chain....(more)

    $5.95 More Details
  • Fiffi Hook

    Fiffi Hook
    KONG FIFFI: Excellent for top-stepping, overhangs, or for levering out on a piece. Designed to be used in conjunction with 7mm cordolette. Regular F...(more)

    $6.71 More Details
  • Andry Mobile Pulley

    Andry Mobile Pulley
    C.A.M.P.'s Andry Pulley is an inexpensive pulley with a nylon wheel and zinc-plated steel side plates. A great basic accessory pulley for occasional use....(more)

    $6.95 More Details
  • Aluminum Fifi Hook

    Aluminum Fifi Hook
    The Aluminum Fifi Hook from C.A.M.P. is primarily used on a loop that is connected to the climbing harness so the climber can rest off the top placement....(more)

    $11.50 More Details
  • Glue-in Bolt

    Glue-in Bolt
    FIXE GLUE-IN BOLT: Super strong when properly placed and glued Multiple carabiner capacity Use with Rawl glue capsules Size: 3/8" x 3 1/2" 40...(more)

    $11.95 More Details
  • Angle Piton

    Angle Piton
    Black Diamonds Angle piton fits larger cracks, pockets and pods, and their design, coupled with the springiness of the steel used, gives these pitons inherently...(more)

    $11.95 More Details
  • Torque Nut Tool

    Torque Nut Tool
    Metolius' innovative, ergonomic design offers all the features you need to get your gear out of the crack and back on your rack! A wire-gate carabiner is built ...(more)

    $11.96 More Details
  • Nut Buster

    Nut Buster
    The Nut Buster from DMM features a wide rubber handle to make it easy to hold, so no more skinned knuckles when your hand slips off and rags against the rock. T...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
  • Rockcentric on Dyneema

    Rockcentric on Dyneema
    A combination of the best ideas behind the trusty old Hexentric with rock geometry. The Wild Country Rockcentrics are brilliantly light, easy to use, offering p...(more)

    $12.95 More Details
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