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  • Micro Holds - Greatest Hits - (5 Pack)

    Micro Holds - Greatest Hits - (5 Pack)
    The Metolius Micro Holds - Greatest Hits - (5 Pack) are an assortment of five great holds that work great as crimps or footholds. Complete with their own T-Nuts...(more)

    $26.95 More Details
  • Rock Rings 3D

    Rock Rings 3D
    Metolius' Rock Rings 3D are a new and improved design to their previous Rock Rings. Due to 3D CAD designing, the master is CNC milled for perfect symmetry. Rock...(more)

    $29.95 More Details
  • Campus Rungs (5 Pack)

    Campus Rungs (5 Pack)
    Metolius' wooden campus board rungs are unsurpassed for feel and consistency. Individually hand sanded, each rung has an incut side and a flat side. Custom tool...(more)

    $34.50 More Details
  • Project Training Board

    Project Training Board
    The Metolius Project Training Board is ideal for working out your shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. Save your forearms from scrapes with the top-to-bottom ta...(more)

    $54.95 More Details
  • Classic Slackline

    Classic Slackline
    This introductory, 2-inch wide slackline kit BYA Sports is designed specifically for beginner and intermediate users. The custom weave creates a stable surface ...(more)

    $59.99 More Details
  • The Foundry Training Board

    The Foundry Training Board
    The Foundry Training Board by Metolius is a fully featured, compact training board. It is finely textured and offers an excellent variety of holds including erg...(more)

    $68.95 More Details
  • Wood Grips Deluxe Training Board

    Wood Grips Deluxe Training Board
    The Metolius Wood Grips Deluxe Training Board has all of the features that will help you train during those long winter months. Wood is the perfect medium for p...(more)

    $88.95 More Details
  • Contact Training Board

    Contact Training Board
    With an amazing variety of holds and new, ergonomic variable width pinches, the Contact Training Board from Metolius is their most deluxe, full-featured trainin...(more)

    $94.95 More Details
  • Rock Prodigy Forge

    Rock Prodigy Forge
    The Rock Prodigy Forge uses the same principles that make the RP Training Center so effective and adds new dimensions of difficulty and ergonomics. New features...(more)

    $119.95 More Details