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  • S-Biner TagLock

    S-Biner TagLock
    ID tags are only valuable when they stay attached to your pet, which is why the standard tag hangers that often come with them (either too flimsy to be reliable...(more)

    $2.23 More Details
  • Figure 9 Rope Tightener

    Figure 9 Rope Tightener
    The Nite Ize Figure 9 Rope Tightener makes tightening any line a stress-free task. From tying awkward objects to the back of a truck or vehicle to organizing to...(more)

    $2.49 More Details
  • Maillon Screw Gate Poli Carabiner

    Maillon Screw Gate Poli Carabiner
    The Mammut Maillon carabiner acts as the interface between the climbing wall and express sling. The chain link is made from galvanized steel and is certified to...(more)

    $2.50 More Details
  • Slidelock Carabiner

    Slidelock Carabiner
    The Nite Ize Slidelock Carabiner is the classic utility carabiner. The folks at Nite Ize took a hard look at this ubiquitous device and saw two good opportuniti...(more)

    $2.71 More Details
  • S-Biner Slidelock

    S-Biner Slidelock
    Organize, connect, carry, and keep your valuables extra secure with S-Biner Slide Lock Double-Gated Carabiner from Nite Ize. Made of high quality stainless stee...(more)

    $2.71 More Details
  • Figure 9 Carabiner

    Figure 9 Carabiner
    The innovative, patented Figure 9 Carabiner from Nite Ize tightens, tensions, and secures ropes without knots. It is a hassle-free alternative to untying diffic...(more)

    $3.27 More Details
  • SlideLock Key Ring

    SlideLock Key Ring
    This key holding solution pairs our secure stainless steel #3 SlideLock Carabiner with a durable key ring and joins them with a strong nylon webbing strap. This...(more)

    $3.99 More Details
  • KeyRack + Bottle Opener

    KeyRack + Bottle Opener
    Made of high quality stainless steel, the Nite Ize KeyRack + Bottle Opener carabiner clip has a secure gate closure on one end, allowing you to clip your keys t...(more)

    $4.47 More Details
  • Omega Lava Carabiner

    Omega Lava Carabiner
    Several years ago, Omega launched the first "All Mountain Wiregate" by building the an all-purpose, Ovalized D shape from with a wire gate. They called it the D...(more)

    $5.56 More Details
  • Phase Straight Wire Carabiner

    Phase Straight Wire Carabiner
    What Phase are you in? Whatever it may be, the Phase carabiners and draws are designed for it all. Lightweight (30g), easy clipping, and a large rope bearing su...(more)

    $5.95 More Details
  • Phase Bent Wire

    Phase Bent Wire
    What Phase are you in? Whatever it may be, the Trango Phase carabiners and draws are designed for it all. Lightweight (30g), easy clipping, and a large rope bea...(more)

    $5.95 More Details
  • Wild Wire Techwire Carabiner

    Wild Wire Techwire Carabiner
    Simple, light and elegant to use, Wild Country's Wild Wire's smooth action and Techwire gate makes clipping a joy and it's open shape and bow back sits neatly i...(more)

    $5.95 More Details
  • Key Ring Steel

    Key Ring Steel
    The Nite Ize KeyRing is a simple, handy, and secure way to organize and carry your keys. Its solid, continuous stainless steel ring comes with six #.5 stainless...(more)

    $6.39 More Details
  • Light D Carabiner

    Light D Carabiner
    Black Diamond's time-tested workhorse, the Light D is a great free climbing biner with its high strength straight back and low-profile nose....(more)

    $6.50 More Details
  • Omega Vulcan Carabiner

    Omega Vulcan Carabiner
    The hot-forged Omega Vulcan Carabiner is the strongest carabiner in the 31 grams-or-less weight class. It features a full-sized rope-bearing which means your ro...(more)

    $6.80 More Details
  • Neutrino Carabiner

    Neutrino Carabiner
    Thirty-six grams of Wiregate perfection! The Black Diamond Neutrino carabiner is the ideal solution for the weight-conscious climber. Made strong for all-purpos...(more)

    $6.95 More Details
  • Oval Carabiner

    Oval Carabiner
    The iconic, symmetrical Black Diamond Oval Carabiner is the proven biner for big walling due to its smooth, uniform shape that reduces carabiner shift....(more)

    $6.95 More Details
  • Nano 22 Carabiner

    Nano 22 Carabiner
    The evolution of the Nano continues. Following the popular Nano Wire and Nano 23, the new Nano 22 is even lighter, stronger, and more functional. The Nano 22 fe...(more)

    $6.95 More Details
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