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Forestry News:

Climate change linked to more flowery forests

New research has revealed a surprising relationship between surging atmospheric carbon dioxide and flower blooms in a remote tropical forest....

20 percent more trees in megacities would mean cleaner air and water, lower carbon and energy use

Planting 20 percent more trees in our megacities would double the benefits of urban forests, like pollution reduction, carbon sequestration and energy reduction. The authors of the study say city planners, residents and other stakeholders should start looking within cities for natural resources and conserve the nature in our urban areas by planting more trees....

human impact on forest still evident after 500 years

Researchers have used high-tech tools to more precisely view where these cleared sites were and how much lasting impact they had on the rainforest in the Amazon Basin in South America....

Crop failure in the Andes

Tough times lie ahead for rural farmers growing the Andes staple crops -- corn and potatoes....

Post-fire logging harms Spotted owls

Post-fire logging, rather than the wildfires themselves, is responsible for the steep decline in territory occupancy of the rare Spotted owls living in the forests of California. The studys results coincide with the strong consensus among hundreds of US scientists opposing post-fire logging operations due to a wide range of ecological harms....

Simple key to risk of severe peat fires

The scrawny black spruce trees that push up through the peat bogs of Canadas boreal forest are valuable indicators of fire risk, say researchers who studied a burned-over area just outside Fort McMurray, Alberta, where a devastating wildfire struck in 2016....

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  • YSI Hard Carrying Case

    YSI Hard Carrying Case
    For use with YSI EcoSense pH100A pH/ORP/Temperature Meter Measure pH or mV and temperature simultaneously with the economical pH 100A Meter. The meters Autolock...(more)

    $38.00 More Details
  • YSI Hard Carrying Case

    YSI Hard Carrying Case
    The 380 hard-sided carrying case is ideal for the EC300A EcoSense handheld meter. This compact, handheld meter measures conductivity, specific conductance, sali...(more)

    $38.00 More Details
  • ORP Calibration Kit

    ORP Calibration Kit
    Includes all required solutions and powders for 80mV, 260mV, and 470mV calibration solutions. Combining a proprietary sensor design and a 99.9% pure platinum el...(more)

    $47.00 More Details
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