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Forestry News:

Logged tropical rainforests still support biodiversity even when the heat is on

Tropical rainforests continue to buffer wildlife from extreme temperatures even after logging, a new study has revealed....

Declining baby songbirds need forests to survive drought

A new study aimed to identify characteristics that promote healthy wood thrush populations on US Department of Defense land....

Impact of Amazonian hydropower 'significantly underestimated'

The environmental impact of hydropower generation in the Amazon may be greater than predicted, according to new research....

Danger to Air Quality from Forest Fires

A report on forest fires confirms a trend towards longer and more intense fire seasons in Europe and neighboring regions, with wildfires now occurring throughout the year. The report coincides with an international study which finds that global wildfire trends could have significant health implications due to rising harmful emissions....

Rare tree species safeguard biodiversity in a changing climate

Rare species of trees in rainforests may help safeguard biodiversity levels as the environment undergoes change, research shows....

Life in the city: Living near a forest keeps your amygdala healthier

A new study examined the relationship between the availability of nature near city dwellers homes and their brain health. Its findings are relevant for urban planners among others....

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  • YSI Hard Carrying Case

    YSI Hard Carrying Case
    For use with YSI EcoSense pH100A pH/ORP/Temperature Meter Measure pH or mV and temperature simultaneously with the economical pH 100A Meter. The meters Autolock...(more)

    $38.00 More Details
  • YSI Hard Carrying Case

    YSI Hard Carrying Case
    The 380 hard-sided carrying case is ideal for the EC300A EcoSense handheld meter. This compact, handheld meter measures conductivity, specific conductance, sali...(more)

    $38.00 More Details
  • ORP Calibration Kit

    ORP Calibration Kit
    Includes all required solutions and powders for 80mV, 260mV, and 470mV calibration solutions. Combining a proprietary sensor design and a 99.9% pure platinum el...(more)

    $47.00 More Details
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