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Search results for "Hiking - Skis"

  • K2 Luv Bug Skis

    K2 Luv Bug Skis
    Build the love early for your little one with the easy turn initiation of Catch-Free Rocker and forgiving flex of the Noodle System. Sizes: 100, 112, 124, 136,...(more)

    $77.95 More Details
  • K2 Indy Skis

    K2 Indy Skis
    The Indy will make learning to ski a breeze for the young ones due to its Catch-Free Rocker and easy turn initiation. Kids will appreciate its Noodle Technology...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Head Supershapeteam Skis

    Head Supershapeteam Skis
    The Head Supershape Team Skis will help your youngster get a feel for the slopes! These skis are fully cambered which will allow you to perfect your turn and ca...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Fischer Koa Jr. Skis

    Fischer Koa Jr. Skis
    For fun-loving youngsters this entry-level ski for piste and powder is where it's at. Sidecut: 100/ 67/ 85 Radius: 4m/ 80cm 80% On piste/ 20% Off Pist...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Fischer Progressor Jr. Skis

    Fischer Progressor Jr. Skis
    Fun is the biggest motivator for training. Which is why this ski with Air Power and Fiber Tech guarantees the best fun! Sidecut: 100/ 67/ 85 Radius: 10m/ 120...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Fischer RC4 Race Jr. Skis

    Fischer RC4 Race Jr. Skis
    Fun is the biggest motivator for training. Which is why this ski with Air Power and Fiber Tech guarantees the best fun! Sidecut: 100-67-85 Radius: 10m/ 120cm...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • K2 Strike Skis

    K2 Strike Skis
    Built with Catch Free Rocker. PERFORMANCE: Groomed 80%/ Ungroomed 20% Torsion Box Composite Cap Composite Core RADIUS: 8m @ 112 Tip Protector...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • Fischer Watea Jr. Skis

    Fischer Watea Jr. Skis
    For fun-loving youngsters this entry-level ski for piste and powder is where it's at. Terrain: All-Mountain Rocker Type: Camber Sidecut: 14m @ 140cm 1...(more)

    $99.95 More Details
  • K2 Strike Jr Skis

    K2 Strike Jr Skis
    The K2 Strike Jr. Ski is an ideal choice for kids who want to ski a little bit of everything. Built with K2's Catch-Free Rocker, which adds some early rise...(more)

    $109.95 More Details
  • K2 Bolt Jr. Skis

    K2 Bolt Jr. Skis
    Allow your junior ripper to let loose with a junior's ski that is built for speed, just like its grown-up namesake. Speed Rocker Sizes: 134/ 144/ 154 Radiu...(more)

    $123.95 More Details
  • Fischer Stunner Skis

    Fischer Stunner Skis
    The Fischer Stunner Skis are the perfect skis for the young skier in your family! These skis are ideally setup for any beginner or intermediate skier who has bi...(more)

    $124.95 More Details
  • K2 Strike Skis

    K2 Strike Skis
    The K2 Strike Skis are built with a Catch Free Rocker to make learning and progressing as easy as possible. Every parent knows that a whining child can quickly ...(more)

    $127.45 More Details
  • K2 Strike Predrilled Skis

    K2 Strike Predrilled Skis
    The K2 Strike Predrilled Skis are a thing of beauty. Entry level skiers depend on their setup to enhance skill progression and get them from point A to point B ...(more)

    $131.95 More Details
  • Fischer Aspire White Skis

    Fischer Aspire White Skis
    These Fischer Aspire Skis are great for doing their intended purpose - that is, to cut through fresh powder like hot butter on toast! With an eye catching desig...(more)

    $143.95 More Details
  • Fischer Viron Force Skis

    Fischer Viron Force Skis
    For the new, occasional and aspiring intermediate skier, the Fischer Viron Force FP9 Skis RS 10 Bindings are a perfect combo to get you started. And at such a...(more)

    $148.95 More Details
  • K2 Bolt Jr Skis

    K2 Bolt Jr Skis
    The Bolt Jr. inherited all of the best qualities from its Precision Piste donor - rock solid construction, shape, and profile. Expert accuracy and unshakable ho...(more)

    $149.95 More Details
  • Surface Next Time Skullcandy Skis

    Surface Next Time Skullcandy Skis
    Kid tested, mother approved. The Surface Next Time Ski is their park ski for the vertically challenged friends of the world. A true freestyle ski, nearly symmet...(more)

    $150.35 More Details
  • Sapient Fate SB Camrock Skis

    Sapient Fate SB Camrock Skis
    The Sapient Fate SB Camrock Ski offers all mountain performance. Lightweight and forgiving, this is the perfect ski for women looking for their first pair of tw...(more)

    $163.85 More Details
  • K2 Amp Sabre Skis

    K2 Amp Sabre Skis
    The K2 Amp Sabre Skis are perfect for Beginner to Intermediate Skiers. These skis are all about durability and quality. They are just what you need to get the s...(more)

    $169.95 More Details
  • K2 Amp Styker Skis

    K2 Amp Styker Skis
    This ski is tailored to the beginner-to-intermediate rider who wants to enhance their all mountain abilities. The Stryker carves more precisely than a Ginsu out...(more)

    $169.95 More Details
  • Rossignol Avenger AV Skis

    Rossignol Avenger AV Skis
    Novice to intermediate skiers seeking a stable, easy-turning ski. Designed for groomed surfaces at low to medium speeds.Key Features of the Rossignol Avenger AV...(more)

    $169.95 More Details
  • K2 A.M.P. Sabre Skis

    K2 A.M.P. Sabre Skis
    Ready to move to the next level ! The A.M.P. Sabre is your tool to achieve. MOD tech provides a smooooooth ride and a 72 mm waist with an all mountain sidecut m...(more)

    $169.95 More Details
  • K2 A.M.P. Stinger Skis

    K2 A.M.P. Stinger Skis
    Built with Catch Free Rocker br / A nimble ski with Catch-Free Rocker, the Stinger will have you darting around the mountain with confidence. The Stinger ma...(more)

    $170.95 More Details
  • Line Afterbang Shorty Skis

    Line Afterbang Shorty Skis
    Adult park construction, sized and priced for kids The Afterbang Shorty is the only ski built like a skateboard, for the durability needed to take the abuse of ...(more)

    $171.95 More Details
  • K2 AMP 72 Skis

    K2 AMP 72 Skis
    K2's most forgiving, lightweight and easy-to-control ski built to inspire confi dence and increase comfort levels as you progress to more challenging slope...(more)

    $172.35 More Details
  • Sierra TT1 Skis

    Sierra TT1 Skis
    The Sierra TT1 Ski performs as well in the park as it does outside of it. Take the mountain from top to bottom, carve the groomers, run a tree line, then duck i...(more)

    $172.85 More Details
  • Sapient Voltage TT1 Camrock Skis

    Sapient Voltage TT1 Camrock Skis
    The Sapient Voltage TT1 Ski performs as well in the park as they do outside of it. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran these skis can handle ...(more)

    $172.85 More Details
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