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A Woman’s Thoughts on the Mather Swiftwater Rescue Course

Over the last 5 years, I’ve attended Mike Mather’s swiftwater rescue workshop in various formats. The first 2 years I took the full-on…...

Why take a Swiftwater Rescue Class?

Here’s one reason – the text of a message left on the voicemail of my personal phone – “Jerry McAward!  Mark Aprile… it’s…...

Kayaking Seems to Be Looking Up!

Are you getting sick of the grip that this winter has had on you Most kayakers can’t wait to get back on the…...

Hand to Hand Downtime

You’ve heard the story again and again – “my boyfriend taught me how to kayak and he just flipped me over and told…...

Going in Circles Is a Good Thing???

Did you ever marvel at someone just nailing an eddy turn You can do that, too! There are ways to practice such things,…...

Terminology and Slang

AGROUND This is a point in which a kayak or other watercraft is stuck upon a sandbar or shoal. ASYMMETRIC This is a…...

Search results for "Kayak - Yakima Roof Racks"

  • Yakima BlockHead Bike Mount

    Yakima BlockHead Bike Mount
    Mount your bike on a pickup truck, RV or boat with the Yakima BlockHead Bike Mount. You can also attach one to the garage wall for a handy storage support. The...(more)

    $20.00 More Details
  • Yakima Hitch Lock

    Yakima Hitch Lock
    The Yakima Hitch Lock prevents the bad guys from removing the hitch mount from your vehicle. Protect your investment! Securely locks any of the hitch mounts to...(more)

    $23.20 More Details
  • Yakima Wheel Fork Mount

    Yakima Wheel Fork Mount
    Keep your front wheel from junking up the inside of your vehicle. Put it on top with the Yakima Wheel Fork Mount. Handles 20" to 29" wheels. Handles one 20" to...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • Yakima 9ft SKS Cable

    Yakima 9ft SKS Cable
    This world is not always kind. Protect yourself from misfortune with Yakima's 9ft SKS Cable. An easy and effective way to discourage your stuff from wandering...(more)

    $31.20 More Details
  • Yakima SKS Lock Cores

    Yakima SKS Lock Cores
    It's your gear - keep it that way with Yakima SKS "Same Key System" Lock Cores. Sold in keyed-alike sets for convenient protection of your stuff. They work in a...(more)

    $31.20 More Details
  • Yakima Tube Top Bike Rack

    Yakima Tube Top Bike Rack
    If your top tube is funkier than a disco bassline, don't fret. The TubeTop makes your bike compatible with any hitch mount. Installs quickly and securely on a ...(more)

    $31.20 More Details
  • Yakima BoatLocker

    Yakima BoatLocker
    The Yakima BoatLocker, with its 10 feet of coated stainless steel cable securely locks your boat to your roof rack. The two included attached cuffs secure your ...(more)

    $47.20 More Details
  • Yakima MultiMounts

    Yakima MultiMounts
    Yakima's MultiMounts can hold paddles, oars, masts, pipe, and just about anything else up to 5" in diameter, or approximately 15" in circumference. The mounts s...(more)

    $47.20 More Details
  • Yakima WheelHouse Wheel Fork

    Yakima WheelHouse Wheel Fork
    The Yakima WheelHouse is a premium, universal wheel fork for the new bike axle standards. And it works on any crossbar shape. The universal SpinVice(TM) clamp ...(more)

    $47.20 More Details
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