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5 Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Tips

Winter Pool Covers take a beating every winter as they protect above ground pools from the nastiest of elements: rain, ice, snow and especially wind can take a toll on your pool if not winterized and covered correctly. Aboveground winter … Continue reading →...

Hiding Pool Equipment with Landscaping

Swimming pools are beautiful: sparkling blue water, and inviting pool decks can be just as aesthetically pleasing to look at as they are fun to swim in. Pool equipment, not so much. PVC plumbing, pumps, filters and heaters are obvious … Continue reading →...

What Happens If I Donít Close My Pool?

If you have closed your pool already, then I say congratulations and sorry at the same time Ė congrats for getting it done already and sorry your summer is over. This blog post however, is not about crying for the … Continue reading →...

Swimming Pools are Clean, Are You?

As a blogger for all things pools, I have my eyes and ears open for interesting swimming pool news. On a daily basis, I comb the internet for interesting tidbits, stories of exotic animals in pools, cannonball contests, and useful … Continue reading →...

FilterBalls Ė Do They Really Work?

Like many of you, I am preparing to close my pool for the winter. This summer went by fast (fastest on record they tell me), and pool maintenance was the easiest itís ever been for me this past season. Credit … Continue reading →...

10 Steps to Winterize Above Ground Swimming Pools

This post originally from 2012, is New and Improved and bumped to the top!† Summer is over and with the end of summer comes the end of swimming; now is the time to prepare your swimming pool for winter. Here’s … Continue reading →...

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