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Controlling Scale Deposits in Pools

Hello again students of pool, let’s get settled into our desks and the lecture can begin. Dr. Pool: “You there, in the front row, Charles, is it Tell me about hard water and soft water, in pools.” Charlie: “Yes it’s … Continue reading →...

Dealing with Snow On Your Winter Pool Cover

Snowmageddon 2017 title goes to Erie, Pennsylvania. On Christmas Day, 34″ of snow fell, shattering previous single day snowfall records. Over 60″ of snow in just 48 hours, and there’s more snow in the forecast. According to Dr. Pool, knowledgeable … Continue reading →...

Stain Prevention in a Plaster Pool

Hello, I’m Dr. Pool, and today’s class will focus on the prevention of stains, on inground pool plaster surfaces. It’s a topic that has all the elements of a good chemical story, with great play between the main characters – … Continue reading →...

10 of the World’s Most Unusual Pool Locations

As the year comes to a close, we’d like to wind down from the usual, and verge into the unusual. This week’s ITS Blog aims to have some fun by taking a gander at some of the Most Unusual Pools … Continue reading →...

Swimming Pool Ladder and Handrail Upgrades

Pool steps and ladders are an element of swimming pools that are often an afterthought for many pool owners. They are a vital aspect of a pool’s overall safety and can also serve as an understated design accent to give … Continue reading →...

In The Swim Holiday Pool Toys Gift Guide

Winter Holidays are a great time to surprise the people on your shopping list with pool toys and floats. For one, it’s probably the last thing they’d expect, and second, now is the time to take advantage of In The … Continue reading →...

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