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Kansas City angler hooks state-record skipjack herring – Photo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports that Craig Barulich of Kansas City became the most recent record-breaking angler in Missouri when he hooked a skipjack herring on the Missouri River using a rod and reel. The new “pole and line” skipjack herring record caught by Barulich on Nov. 12 weighed […]...

Poplar Bluff angler gigs state-record northern hog sucker – Photo

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports Jeff Rowland of Poplar Bluff became the most recent record-breaking angler in Missouri when he gigged a northern hog sucker on the Current River in Ripley County. The new “alternative method” record fish caught by Rowland on Oct. 15 weighed 2 pounds, 8 ounces […]...

FWC certifies new state record shoal bass – Photo

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) fisheries biologists certified a new state record shoal bass weighing 5.95 pounds and measuring 22.4 inches long, caught by 14-year-old angler Sheldon Grace from Headland, Alabama. Sheldon was excited to catch his shoal bass from a kayak in the Chipola River near Altha, Florida. “I fought him […]...

Michigan state-record cisco caught on Lake Ottawa – Photo

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources today confirmed a new state-record fish for cisco (formerly known as lake herring). This marks the second state-record fish caught in 2017. The fish was caught Friday, June 9, at 10 a.m. by Michael Lemanski of Florence, Wisconsin, on Lake Ottawa in Iron County in the western Upper Peninsula. […]...

Georgia State Record 93 Pound Blue Catfish Caught – Photo

WAYCROSS, Ga. – A day of fishing is good. A day you catch a new state record – and beat the old one by more than 12 pounds – is great! Richard Barrett is the new state record holder for the blue catfish. His catch, weighing 93 lb, 0 oz, beat the previous 2010 record […]...

60-Year-Old Alligator Gar New Brazos River Record – Photo

AUSTIN – Texas Parks and Wildlife Department research biologists have confirmed the new alligator gar bow fishing water body record for the Brazos River is 60-years-old, among the oldest fish aged and documented by the department. Angler Isaac Avery of Longview caught the 197 pound, 7.39 foot alligator gar bow fishing in the Brazos River […]...

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  • Women's Willow Flannel Shirt

    Women's Willow Flannel Shirt
    The classic plaid flannel that's a must-have for fall campfires, cookouts in the neighborhood and routine days at work, the ultra-comfy Willow Flannel Shirt is ...(more)

    $105.00 More Details
  • Women's Rivet Jean

    Women's Rivet Jean
    You can wear your favorite pair of perfect-fit jeans seven days in a row so long as you swap out tees from time to time, right? Right, and you will when the Riv...(more)

    $37.50 More Details
  • Women's Hometown Down Vest

    Women's Hometown Down Vest
    A Glory lap at dawn will have you dropping layers on the way up just as fast as you can pile them back on before heading down, but there's one piece of core ins...(more)

    $179.00 More Details
  • Women's Environ Bib

    Women's Environ Bib
    Built for deep snow, steep lines and the ladies who love them, the new Environ Bib is our fully featured waterproof ski bib that provides premium weather protec...(more)

    $445.00 More Details
  • Women's Environ Pant

    Women's Environ Pant
    When you have access to first chair and one fresh pow lap after another, you want to be wearing gear that can keep up, and won't ever give in. Beefed up 2017 wi...(more)

    $365.00 More Details
  • Women's Durrance Down Jacket

    Women's Durrance Down Jacket
    With streamlined, easy-wearing style and serious protection from the elements, the Women's Durrance Down Jacket remains our go-to jacket for lapping the lifts o...(more)

    $379.00 More Details
  • Women's Pinedale Pant

    Women's Pinedale Pant
    The mountains offer 365 days of alpine activity, and you plan to make the most of it with bouldering sessions, long hikes, ice climbs, and some snow biking. Mad...(more)

    $149.00 More Details
  • Women's Rivet Cord

    Women's Rivet Cord
    When you find a pair of pants that are as comfortable as they are flattering, it's worth owning more than one pair. Our bestselling Rivet Cord features a trim f...(more)

    $95.00 More Details
  • Women's Harkin Snap Shirt

    Women's Harkin Snap Shirt
    Inspired by classic vintage wear and styled for modern mountain mavens, the Harkin Snap Shirt is our Eddy Shirt's fun-loving, party-girl cousin-a '70s-style sna...(more)

    $109.00 More Details
  • Women's Esther Shirt

    Women's Esther Shirt
    Combining classic western style with a modern technical fabric, the Esther Shirt is for ladies living a multi-faceted mountain town life-cold mornings on the ri...(more)

    $129.00 More Details
  • Women's Modis Trench

    Women's Modis Trench
    From summit to subway, the hooded Modis(TM) Trench has all the critical ingredients of a one-and-done waterproof jacket, ideal for any avenue or back road. Full...(more)

    $209.00 More Details
  • Women's Modis Hooded Jacket

    Women's Modis Hooded Jacket
    Spring weather in the mountains can change in an instant. One minute you're taking in sweeping views and the next you're in the midst of a torrential downpour. ...(more)

    $199.00 More Details
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