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FOLDING WAGONS From our famous push pull stroller wagons to our rugged big wheel all terrain wagons, we have a wagon that's just right for you. Take your children for a ride around the theme park or schedule a shopping spree. A much needed vacation at the beach or hauling tools and supplies around the garden. No assembly required. Unfold and roll!

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Push and Pull Wagons Get the Job Done

Whether you’re a family on the go or a busy individual, push and pull wagons are a fantastic tool to take the load off your day-to-day activities. Our Titanium series wagons can be pulled on one end or pushed like a stroller, depending on the weight of your load and your personal preference. Discover the incredible features of our wagons, from the sun-protecting canopy to the foldable frame, making storage that much easier. Plus, the Titanium series wagons include safety features such as foot-activated brakes on all four wheels, suspension springs, and seat belt harnesses for small riders. 

A Wagon for Everything

Our foldable wagons come in handy for a variety of activities and cargo. Here are some of the ways that a push and pull wagon can make your life easier:

  • Carry shopping bags at the mall or grocery store
  • Carry children, pets, or baby gear on family outings 
  • Carry resources for camping
  • Carry food, utensils, and blankets for a picnic
  • Carry sports gear for game days 
  • Carry products for trade shows and farmers markets 
  • Carry supplies to the office
  • Carry towels, foldable chairs, and other gear to the beach
  • Carry tools for gardening or other yard work 

A Wagon for Everyone

Depending on how you want to use your wagon, we have different designs and features within our Titanium series, Silver series, and All-Terrain series. Dimensions, color options, and specific features are listed for each wagon. Please see product descriptions for more details. Here are some of the features you can look forward to in our various wagon options: 

  • Sturdy, rubber tread wheels
  • 360-degree front swivel wheels 
  • Foldable frame with locking latch
  • Removable canopy 
  • Locking foot-activated brakes
  • Two 3-point or  5-point child seat belt safety harnesses
  • Several storage pockets and pouches
  • Folding basket in the rear and removable soft-sided cooler
  • Rear door and removable/folding tray

If you’re looking to enhance the use of your wagon, there are several add-on accessories that are available for separate purchase. Here are some of the compatible add-ons for our wagons:

  • Removable Rain Cover and Bug Net (sold separately) 
  • Inflatable Seat Cushion (sold separately)
  • Insulated Cold Weather Cover (sold separately)
  • Protective Cover for long term storage or travel (sold separately)
  • Soft-sided cooler bag (sold separately)
  • Extension tray (sold separately)
  • Replacement canopy or upgraded Titanium Series convertible canopy (sold separately)

The Path of Least Resistance 

Push and pull wagons offer convenience, freedom, and peace of mind. Finally, an efficient way to carry around all the things you need to get through your day! Our Titanium series wagons provide features such as a folding basket in the rear, storage pockets, 360-degree swivel front wheels, a locking latch, permanent folding tray, and rear door. This makes it easy for you to wheel around your precious cargo and ensures a nice, smooth ride for children, pets, gear, or anything else you need to transport. Once you’re done with your wagon, you can simply fold it into a compact shape that will fit in your trunk, garage, or storage bin. Take the path of least resistance with your very own push and pull foldable wagon! 

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