How to Camp with Kids: Getting Push and Pull Wagons and More

How to Camp with Kids: Getting Push and Pull Wagons and More

These Are the Ways a Push and Pull Wagon Can Benefit Your Life

If you love to camp and have kids, then you’re probably dreaming of the day you can get the whole family together for full-on nature experience. Camping is a great way to instill an appreciation of the outdoors and a sense of responsibility in kids; But, before you start packing up the truck, you should know that there are certain strategies and tools that you can use to make your family camping trip more worthwhile. Read on to learn the best way to camp with kids and how you can use push and pull wagons to make the journey easier!

Camping Tip #1: Practice at Home

For anyone who hasn’t gone camping before, the whole idea might be a little scary or stressful. In order to ease your kids into the outdoor experience, practice it in your backyard! You can show them how to pitch a tent and have the whole family sleep there with their sleeping bags to show them what it will be like. 

Camping Tip #2: Organize Your Gear

If you’re camping with your kids for the first time, then you might realize that there’s a lot more to do when you have to think about making the little ones comfortable. Make sure that you have things organized in the right bins and boxes and have foldable wagons on hand to carry any heavy gear. While you may be used to a certain way of camping, everything is going to change when you take the family along. Have a checklist on hand to help you remember the important stuff. 

Camping Tip #3: Pack Good Food

Many children are picky eaters and, if they’re already in a new environment, they may be less likely to try new food. Make sure that you plan your menu with your kids beforehand so that they know what to expect. Pack snacks that you know they like and let them try camp food before you go on your trip so they are not surprised by the menu. Some great camping food for kids includes hot dogs, s’mores, and chili-cheese fries!  

Camping Tip #4: Be Flexible and Have Activities

You might want to go on a bunch of hikes and show your kids every part of your favorite camping grounds, but you have to go with the flow. Some kids might get tired easily. So, you might want to take turns with your spouse watching the kids and doing camping activities. If you’re stuck at a campsite, then you should have things to do there as well. Use push and pull wagons to wheel around toys, books, and other tent-worthy entertainment. 

Camping Tip #5: Have Safety Rules

If your kids have never gone camping before, then you should explain some safety guidelines to them well before the trip, on the way to the campsite, and throughout the trip. Here are some rules that you should establish before camping with your kids:

  • Never wander off alone 
  • Don’t touch plants you don’t know
  • Don’t go near any wild animals 
  • Always carry a flashlight at night

Depending on how old your kids are, you might give them a greater range of freedom in terms of exploring. However, you should always establish boundaries and give them safety tools like a whistle in case they get lost or need help. 


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