How to Keep Your Toddler Safe in the Car

How to Keep Your Toddler Safe in the Car


Sometimes, being a parent can drive you crazy (pun totally intended). You always have to keep an eye on your little ones so that they don’t get into trouble. When you are in the car, you can’t be constantly looking at what’s going on in the backseat or you’ll miss what’s in front of you. Unfortunately, the most common cause of death in toddlers is car accidents, so it is crucial that you take every measure you can in order to warrant your child’s safety. Luckily, on top of purchasing high-quality NIKO toddler seat covers, there are a number of ways you can ensure a safer ride for your child. 

Never leave your toddler unattended in the car

Even if you just need to quickly throw something in the trash, it is not a good idea to ever leave your baby or toddler in the car unattended. Under California law, children under 7 years of age cannot be left alone in a car, and must be attended by another person age 12 or older. Likewise, if you ever see a small child unattended in someone else’s vehicle, call 911 immediately

Put your phone away while you are driving

This is of course what all drivers should be doing whether or not they have a small child riding with them. If you are a confident driver, it can be easy to think it’s safe to pull out your phone if you are at a long red light. Make it easier on yourself and your family and just don’t do it. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb While Driving and store it somewhere where you cannot reach it. 

Fix any damage to your car

If your vehicle has any sort of safety hazards, such as a broken window or a faulty engine, get this repaired immediately. Not addressing any problems your car may have will increase the likelihood of an accident that will put you and your child at risk. If your child’s current seat is in poor condition, then it’s time to get them a replacement toddler car seat cover.

Never have children under 13 years ride in the front seat

It’s common sense to not allow your tot to ride in the front seat (in fact, it’s illegal!), but it is also important to know that children should not ride in the front seat before age 13 or before they are 4 ft 9 in (144.78 cm). Once they have reached that height, they can officially graduate from using their universal toddler car seat covers.

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