Tips on Dealing with Pest Insects Outdoors Using Supplies in Your Push and Pull Wagons.

Tips on Dealing with Pest Insects Outdoors Using Supplies in Your Push and Pull Wagons.


Wherever you go camping with your supply-filled push and pull wagons, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to run into some insect-based pests that can make your camping trip miserable. So why not take the opportunity to learn just what insects to look out for the most in America so you can prepare? The more you know your enemy, the better prepared you can be when dealing with them, after all. This case can affect your physical health, so understanding these pests is a part of the camping experience.


Nobody likes ticks, especially animals, when they deal with such annoying pests and the host of problems they can put into your body. These bugs are parasites of the most genuine kind, burrowing their heads into your skin and feasting on your blood and nutrients if given a chance. They can be terrible if left in for too long since they can give you diseases like Lyme disease. It’s especially tricky to deal with them since your condition could only worsen if you remove them improperly.


  • If you want to avoid chiggers, you’re going to need to avoid areas that have tall grass since that’s where they often like to make their haunts. 
  • If you have to go through such an area, wear pants to ensure that they can’t latch onto your legs easily. 
  • Unlike other pests, ticks can’t fly, so ensuring that they have no access to you through the ground other surfaces can make it difficult for them to get a hold of you.
  • Much like other pests, they can be thwarted pretty quickly when it comes to bug spray, so keep that on hand if you want to keep them at a distance.


Though not as infamous as ticks, Chiggers are still insects that can be a significant pest if you give them the right opportunity. With this in mind, the reason people find them so similar to ticks is that they, too, like to dig themselves into your skin. However, what separates them from their blood-sucking counterparts is that they are more focused on eating your skin and tissue, causing a severe amount of itchiness and agitation for the afflicted area.

  • Because of how similar chiggers are to ticks, some of the older tactics of wearing pants and avoiding tall, grassy areas can do you a lot of favors when avoiding them.
  • Try and see if you get tightly woven clothing, making it difficult for the chiggers to cast past it. Chiggers are often smaller than ticks and can get into places you might not consider, so get clothing that makes their job harder.
  • Having high topped shoes with long socks also ensure that these pests can’t attack your lower legs and feet whenever you’re on the move
  • And, of course, bug spray. Never forget just how useful it can be when it comes to using bug spray against pests such as these, so keep these on deck in your foldable wagons nearby if possible.


And finally, we come to mosquitos—one of the biggest if not the most well-known insect pests that can be found throughout North America. Much like ticks, these creatures can suck your blood. The good news is that you will be safe from malaria they could give you so long as you have the proper vaccinations. The bad news is that they are much more discreet about getting your blood than ticks and could be in and out before you even realize what just happened.

  • Water sources inside your camp that mosquitoes can easily access become a problem because they are breeding grounds for the pest. Please don’t make it easy for them.
  • Dull colors. Mosquitos are often attracted to areas with bright coloring, so if you can manage to wear clothing that is the opposite, they may harass you less.
  • Never forget the bug spray. Its utility knows no end.


The amount of ways these bugs can ruin the mood for your camping trip is too numerous to count. With this in mind, always make sure to keep push and pull wagons full of bug spray on hand to make your camping life just a little bit more manageable in the future, and you’ll be all the more grateful for it.


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