Hazards to Prepare When Camping with your Push and Pull Wagons

Hazards to Prepare When Camping with your Push and Pull Wagons


There is much to enjoy about camping, such as enjoying the nature-filled view. The many ways you can have fun with those that come with you. The methods you can incorporate nature into living among it with ease. However, specific hazards need to be addressed and avoided when going out to enjoy the trip with your push and pull wagons. Let’s take a look at what these hazards and dangers could be and how they can be dealt with and avoided entirely.

Tainted Water

If you don’t have enough drinking water with you and decide to drink some water from a nearby river or stream, you are unknowingly taking a massive risk. Though much of this water is fresh water and drinkable, there are still many germs and bacteria that can make your life miserable. You do not want to have a nasty case of the runs or worse from having some poor quality fresh water on your camping trip. 


If you’re camping anywhere in North America, there is always a chance that you may run the risk of running into a bear. However, the most significant thing they’ll be after is not you and your fellow campers but the many snacks you undoubtedly have packed. To reduce this risk, put your snacks and food supply in an area that would be hard for them to access, such as your car or in containers that are hard to open, and reduce the scent that they could have or pack food that doesn’t have much of an odor in the first place. 


Fire is very much necessary for the convenience of your camping trip, but you must make sure that it is not in a position to get out of hand. Observe your surroundings, especially the ground. Take the time to ensure that there isn’t an easily accessible kindling that could spread and cause a forest fire. If there is, clear it away from the fire pit to avoid the consequences of that fire spreading. Don’t be afraid to use the fire to your advantage. There’s a reason why some may argue that it is the most significant invention of man, and you’ll see why when you go camping.

Mosquitos and other Insects

If you’re camping with your foldable wagons in any damp or muggy areas, there’s a good chance that ticks or other insect-like pests will do their utmost to frustrate your trip with their presence. Besides wearing long-sleeved clothing, wearing bug spray or having bug traps on hand can go a long way to ensure that your journey is devoid of these annoyances. Your trip can quickly become a problem if plagued by malaria or other diseases so take the extra steps to prepare. 

Poison Ivy

If there were ever a plant that could bring undue misery on your camping trip in North America, it would be poison Ivy. When you see three leaves in opposite directions of one another with a wide berth and do everything you can to avoid touching them, the reactions that can incur to your body are terrible. The urge to scratch the hives, blisters, and rashes will dominate your desires, and if you’re not careful in restraining yourself, you could quickly find yourself on the wrong side of infection. When you’re in areas where this plant is aplenty, take the time to wear long-sleeved pants, shirts, and maybe even gloves to limit your exposure as much as possible. 


The forest comes with various hazards that you have to prepare. The fun part of camping is preparing for these hazards! Setting up defenses tests your willingness to go along with the activity and how much you want to enjoy those beside you. Camping is undoubtedly for you if you’re dedicated enough to bring the proper tools in your push and pull the wagon to deal with such difficulties.


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