Know the Types of Campsites you want with a Push and Pull Wagon

Know the Types of Campsites you want with a Push and Pull Wagon


When preparing for camping with your push and pull wagons, it could mean nothing unless you know the type of campsite you want. You have many options depending on your preference and skill level or even whether you have the necessary experience. Let’s look at the different types of campsites you could visit when roughing it up in the woods.

Designated Camping Sites

When thinking of camping and want most of your conveniences covered with little difficulty, choose the camping site first. This decision is crucial because of the necessities and amenities that make the experience more convenient for you. Overall, such a porta-potty, picnic tables, firepits, and other tools make everything generally more convenient. This trip is best if you’re looking for something at a lower skill level for beginners.

National Park

National Parks are designated camping sites when it comes to what you can get in terms of amenities. The difference is that you will need to book ahead of time to get a spot. Reservations are often accepted in this area. Getting reservations with your foldable wagons can be pricey but the lands are taken care. It could all be worth it if given the ample opportunity. 

Dispersed Campsites 

If you’re looking for more exciting campsites, then a dispersed campsite is best. This campsite has fewer amenities and minor forgiveness in terms of its tools. If you’re going to be more self-sufficient and want to thrive off your own hands, try this out! Depending on where exactly you choose to camp, you can have different experiences. The rulebook is out of the window for this type of campsite.

National Forest

A national forest near a national park has all the perks, benefits, and cons that a dispersed campsite have. It’s in the national park area but generally lacks much of the jurisdiction, overwatch, and amenities that come with it. This can lead to you camping in magnificent sites, such as forests or near lakes that could give you the most amazing of views while still enjoying the challenge of camping in areas such as these.

RV Camps

Very similar in terms of layout compared to National Parks, where the government owns the latter, the former is privately owned. This means that the restrictions will depend on the person who owns the campsites rather than the guidelines that the Federal government often lays out. Depending on which person or organization owns the land, you may get similar or different amenities. Still, if you are looking for specific amenities to make your camping experience more convenient, this is the perfect place for you. 

Subscription Campsites

What hasn’t been mentioned by many of these different types of campsites is that they are often first-come, first-serve, making getting a spot a bit challenging or even getting a place that is up to your standards. With a subscription, however, you will get a guaranteed spot from the organization of your choice, making acquiring your camping spot all the easier to obtain.


If you’re new to camping and want to expand the different areas you camp in using your push and pull wagons, give these locations a shot and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, keep those spirits up and try different areas! There’s usually a type of camp for everyone, so there’s doubtlessly a type of camp just for you if you put the effort in.


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