Tips for Family Camping Newbies and How Push and Pull Wagons can Help

Tips for Family Camping Newbies and How Push and Pull Wagons can Help


When it comes to camping, there are willing people but held back by the uncertainty of their inexperience. This insecurity is understandable, but don’t let it hold you back! Arm yourself with the proper knowledge of the camping basics. Indeed, you and your family can enjoy a trip with little difficulty with a push and pull wagon to make transporting essential goods and family members easier.

Know the Land

Taking the time to scope out the area you’re camping out is essential to having a good time and understanding what to expect. Is there an abundance of trees that can give you decent shade from the sun? Are there any stores or medical areas to go to if anyone in your family gets ill? Is the land flat enough for any foldable wagons to carry your supplies? If possible, go with another person, family, or group familiar with the area to follow their example. You could learn a great deal by following their example. 

Getting the Food

If you’re only camping for the day, you don’t have to worry too much about any perishables. However, if you are going on an extended time camping, bring plenty of ice and coolers to keep your food in good condition. Also, be sure it’s in a very secure location, such as a car or other hard-to-access places that an animal wouldn’t be able to peruse. Raccoons, bears, and other animals can be very attracted to this source of free food. Your food should be prepared accordingly to avoid this problem! If you don’t want to deal with perishables, keep the food selection with the basics to uncomplicate the amount of care you have to put into them. Bring as much pre-cooked or pre-made food as you can, as it will significantly simplify matters since you will only have to reheat it and not do anything complicated.

Bug repellent and SunScreen

If you happen to find yourself in an area that lacks trees or shade and is filled with pests such as mosquitos, it might be wise to prepare for them with bug spray and sunscreen. Sunburn and bug bites can be a severe rain to the parade of fun that could be had on the trip and should be dealt with accordingly. Don’t hesitate to act on such an idea if you want to go further and even bring traps that could ensnare and kill the bugs.

Get Plenty of Tarps

Acquiring a tarp can be crucial to the comfort of your sleeping quarters through two different methods. Putting a tarp on the ground can make it more comfortable to sleep in and prevent any bugs from getting through any tears in the bottom of your tent. On the other side of the spectrum, you can set up your tarp above the tent to protect yourself from the powerful rays of the sun and rain that could get through your tent. A tarp can be a versatile tool for your camping trip and used wisely to improve your quality of life.

Know when to arrive

Knowing when to set up your first camp is also extremely important for making your camping trip for first-timers. Leaving early in the morning to have plenty of time to haul over your equipment while managing the family is vital for getting ready for what is to come. It gives you plenty of time in terms of correcting any mistakes you make along the way and taking as much time as needed. If you were to arrive during the dark, your job would become much more complex and even risk people getting hurt with how little you could see where to step or set up a tent. Carrying supplies or kids through the dark with push and pull wagons can be challenging. Relying on flashlights, fires, and torches to get a nighttime set-up is not the way to go and should be avoided.


Getting through your first camping trip can be a trying experience! Doing it with your family will be even more stressful, so following these tips to make your life easier during the process can make that much of a difference to having fun!


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