Type of Tent Best to Bring when Camping in your Push and Pull Wagons

Type of Tent Best to Bring when Camping in your Push and Pull Wagons


There’s nothing like enjoying your time when it comes to camping in the outdoors. However, this decision begs what type of tent you should acquire for the trip. Here we shall investigate the kinds of tents you can bring with you on your push and pull wagons and which would most likely be the best fit for you. There are many different types of tents, so don’t be afraid about branching out and trying new styles.

Dome tents

If you’re looking for a tent that may be small but is quite durable for what you intend for it, you’re going to want a dome tent. This tent can resist the elements with solid aluminum poles and a unique shape. Whether you are braving wind, rain, snow, or anything else that could interrupt or threaten your sleep and security, this is a perfect tent for beginners and an easy setup process. 

Family Tent

On the other side of the spectrum, where dome tents are smaller and compact, family tents are expansive, precisely as they are named to accommodate a family. Some of these tents can even come with their room for convenience and offer great space for multiple people sleeping at once. The trade is that such tents are often of poor quality to compensate for the size and affordability, meaning they aren’t last under an elemental beating like the dome tent. 

Mountaineering Tent

If the quality of a family tent isn’t what you’re looking for and you’re planning on going to the harshest elements imaginable, you will need a mountaineering tent. These lightweight and durable tents are made of more robust material than dome tents, such as stronger aluminum poles. The tents are built to withstand strong winds and shake off the snow so that their weight doesn’t burden your tent. Although these aren’t the most comfortable of tents, you’ll learn to appreciate the safety and security they provide.

Cabin Tents 

What if you’re still looking for a large tent, but a family tent isn’t big enough? If that’s the case, then a cabin tent is what you seek, especially since it’s so large. It can fit tables, chairs, and other large pieces of furniture that you would previously think impossible to have inside. Unlike family tents, these are made of higher quality and can endure more of a beating than their counterparts. These features also make them more expensive. They are also quite heavy, taking time to set up compared to other tents that could be available. Still, if you can work past such speed bumps and get a foldable wagon to carry such a tent, this is undoubtedly the tent for you and the large group you travel with. 

Backpacking Tent

If you want to go long distances and don’t want to be burdened by any excess weight on the trip, then the aptly named backpacking tent will be what you want. Though they are much smaller than a cabin or family tent, they can still get the job done. This tent usually fits one person but does so effectively while being set up quickly. They are often made of very high-tier material. Though not quite as good at weathering the elements as dom or mountaineering tents, they are still durable when braving what mother nature can throw at them. 


These are a few examples of the types of tents you can have at your disposal. There are many options available for avid campers and should be taken advantage of. Whatever the situation or however many people are coming, there is most likely a tent for it. So once you do have the tent of your choice, throw it into your push and pull wagons for convenience, and enjoy the trip!


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